The climate crisis is the story, the most pressing emergency, of our time, and The Repair is our way to contribute something fresh to the conversation. The weekly episodes in our Season 5 series will explore the cultural roots of our current ecological crisis, and the deep changes Western society will need to make to save the Earth and our species.

With help from historians, leading thinkers, activists, and producers in other countries where climate change hit early and hard, we’ll trace the evolution of the colonizing, extractive Western culture that has driven us into the ecological ditch, and we’ll look at potential solutions—the repair.

The Repair has two new faces on the team: collaborator and co-host Amy Westervelt—the award-winning climate journalist and host of the Drilled podcast—and our story editor, Cheryl Devall.

Season 5, Episode 1: In the Beginning – Download a PDF of the transcript.