S1 E8: No Santa

December 16, 2015

Photo: Lucas Biewen, the summer after, age 8. Photo by John Biewen
A father turns on a recorder while tucking in his 7-year-old, having no idea he’s about to capture a poignant growing-up moment in his son’s life. (Advisory: This episode is not suitable for some young children.)

Photo: Lucas Biewen, the summer after, age 8. Photo by John Biewen

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One comment on “S1 E8: No Santa

  1. India Pajeau Jul 25, 2018

    This episode tore me up. I didn’t pay much attention to the part about this gadget being for the ipod so I didn’t realize that the conversation was in the past. I have 9yr old boy/girl twins. We had the Santa talk a couple of years ago. When listening to this story, I was completely captivated by Lucas and it became as if my son was talking. Then when you cut to Lucas at 17, I completely lost it. I was imagining my son grown up with a deep voice sitting across from me at the kitchen table talking about when he was a kid. Thank you for sharing this piece. It was heart wrenching in the most wonderful way.