Episode 40: Citizen Thind (Seeing White, Part 10)

June 14, 2017

The story of Bhagat Singh Thind, and also of Takao Ozawa – Asian immigrants who, in the 1920s, sought to convince the U.S. Supreme Court that they were white in order to gain American citizenship. Thind’s “bargain with white supremacy,” and the deeply revealing results.


Photo: Bhagat Singh Thind in U.S. Army uniform. Smithsonian Institution

Download a transcript of the episode.

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One comment on “Episode 40: Citizen Thind (Seeing White, Part 10)

  1. Hannah Jul 12, 2018

    Just can’t thank you enough for making this information available to the public. It’s been incredibly eye opening for me and many members of my community. Thank you.