S1 E18: “Close Relations”

May 4, 2016


The people we love have power—the power to upend our lives, or at least to make things interesting. Two stories of surprises, curveballs thrown by family members. Pieces by Qathi Hart and John Rash.

Photo by Qathi Hart.

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One comment on “S1 E18: “Close Relations”

  1. Elizabeth P Jan 23, 2020

    I came to this particular podcast backwards, having stumbled across the MEN series then worked though Seeing White, picked up The Land, and now hitting your first season.

    In the second story about the estranged daughter I sense the use of a power dynamic expressed through family expectations the daughter is not aligned with. Is she is the disempowered individual? Exploring why the daughter is silent was not the point but I’m betting there is a deeper story if it could be told.

    Thanks for your excellent and thought provoking podcasts