S3 E2: Ain’t No Amoeba

July 25, 2018

For millennia, Western culture (and most other cultures) declared that men and women were different sorts of humans—and, by the way, men were better. Is that claim not only wrong but straight-up backwards?

Co-hosts Celeste Headlee and John Biewen explore the current state of the nature-nurture gender debate, with help from Lisa Wade of Occidental College and Mel Konner of Emory University.  

Music by Alex Weston, and by Evgueni and Sacha Galperine. Music and production help from Joe Augustine at Narrative Music.

Download a transcript of the episode.

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3 comments on “S3 E2: Ain’t No Amoeba

  1. David Jul 27, 2018

    I’m having issues with the audio player. It just plays and intro saying “PRX”.

    • cdsduke Jul 30, 2018

      Hi David,

      The player is working okay for me in Chrome. Can you try reloading your web browser or trying a different browser?


  2. I think you’d be interested to know that I found your podcast humorous. I mean, a creature reproducing asexually, comparing that to female. Hilarious. Asexual reproduction creates a fully functional life form, and is an almost identical replication. Sexual reproduction takes two life forms. The progeny will have a stage of infancy. For how different all animals are, no animal will create a life form that is fully capable. No woman, even with a partner, will divide into two identical, fully capable people.

    Of course it’s not just that. I found it funny how the concept of gender roles being learned as funny. I’d be careful, that’s really close to saying that gender identity is taught, and heavens forbid your statement bring on the wrath of your peers for being transphobic.