Episode 44: White Affirmative Action (Seeing White, Part 13)

August 9, 2017

When it comes to U.S. government programs and support earmarked for the benefit of particular racial groups, history is clear. White folks have received most of the goodies.

By John Biewen, with Deena Hayes-Greene of the Racial Equity Institute and recurring series partner Chenjerai Kumanyika.

Photo: U.S. soldiers returning home from World War Two the same month that Congress passed the GI Bill of Rights, June 1944. Credit: History.com

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4 comments on “Episode 44: White Affirmative Action (Seeing White, Part 13)

  1. Pete Haskell Dec 17, 2017

    As a former leftist who voted for Barack Obama the first time he ever voted in his life I think a discussion needs to be had about the disproportionate rate of black on white and black on black violence according to the Department of Justice and FBI crime statistics around 15% of the population commits 50% of the homicides this is absolutely staggering and explains why many people are afraid of blacks including the police now you might say the Department of Justice and FBI statistics are skewed but the way in which the data is collected precludes any bias to effectively combated we must be honest about the problems we are having as a nation


    • Kamarr Jun 7, 2018

      I think you may need to listen to the entire series and then you will have some of the answer you are looking for. And, as they say in the last episode, if you are still confused, maybe you need to relisten to the series with your app playing it at half speed so you can listen more closely.

  2. Gobsmacked! I knew some of the things related in this story I admit. The steady,
    onconchanable, institutionalized, racism through hundreds of years towards African Americans is astounding. Now I know why my half-black daughter came from her African American studies class so mad! Thank you for this program!

  3. Lorraine Jan 12, 2018

    Denial of the existence, pervasiveness and impact (both past and present) of systemic racism is not just a matter of feeling good, but necessary to keep it in place.

    I have always been stricken by how critical it is to white Americans to cling to the belief that everything they have has been earned by sheer merit and grit. Acknowledging anything else is completely off the table. Of course white folks also work hard and earn what they have. But “leg up” given to white Americans by multi-generational racist policies and laws have built in so much advantage that is blatantly ignored, and is in fact instead mistakenly recognized as evidence of worthiness (i.e., we have more, so we must be superior and deserving). That advantage is fiercely guarded and maintained, and one of the primary ways it continues to be maintained is through the very tribal denial that any advantages were ever bestowed or continue to be reaped.

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