S2 E12: My White Friends

July 12, 2017

For years, Myra Greene had explored blackness through her photography, often in self-portraits. She wondered, what would it mean to take pictures of whiteness? For her friends, what was it like to be photographed because you’re white? With another conversation between host John Biewen and series collaborator Chenjerai Kumanyika.

Photo: Matt Geesaman, Chicago, 2009. By Myra Greene.

Download a transcript of the episode.


Myra Greene’s website

My White Friends sample photos, Myra Greene’s site

New York Times, My White Friends Lens blog post

Myra Greene’s My White Friends Artist Talk, Center for Documentary Studies

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4 comments on “S2 E12: My White Friends

  1. Molly Nov 5, 2017

    I love Myra’s project. Talking about race, bias, and advantage can be very uncomfortable for us white people. Listeners must look at the photos, they are so gentle and lovingly created.

  2. Pete Haskell Dec 17, 2017

    How would you feel being a while person as a Minority? I think this is a very interesting question as it is inevitable that it will happen by the year 2040 white people will be in the minority and will decrease so will this be beneficial to white people detrimental to white people or not affect white people at all

  3. These days- I personally do NOT feel offended when a person of color says “white” folk/people/man… As I try to speak about and or draw attention toward “racist white folk” where I see it.

    I feel it’s important for WHITE PEOPLE to CALL out “fellow whites” who are behaving in ways that seem to be racist. As said in the previous podcast(s2 e11) – DOCTOR CK noted how it really may only take a HANDFULL of WHITES to change all of this for the better. (of course whites who support “black lives matter” can get “beat up by racist whites” the same as blacks – so we ALL have to be careful on that front)

    From what I know about their characters… in general, like many of the WHITE artists I’d listen to ~ Wilco and Taylor Swift seem to be allies against “white racism” …
    One of my FAV bands is “Dave Matthews Band”(black and white band).

    My identification with the black man on levels comes from a partial “hippy” sort of back ground with CANNABIS CULTURE or what have you – DRUG CULTURE in general. (and I boast to be from and or strive to be from responsible drug culture, like we’d expect people to be with ALCOHOL – just to share where I come from in that direction)
    NOT the same – yet I have faced “discrimination” from this direction…

    I have not tried this recipe specifically… yet since it came up 🙂
    I enjoy a good Zucchini bread as well.

    Here is something profound if you have not seen…
    Independent documentary that explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community…

  4. Brian K Freeland May 25, 2020

    My White friends demonstrated the importance of relationship building to develop understanding.