Episode 39: A Racial Cleansing in America (Seeing White Part 9)

May 31, 2017

In 1919, a white mob forced the entire black population of Corbin, Kentucky, to leave, at gunpoint. It was one of many racial expulsions in the United States. What happened, and how such racial cleansings became “America’s family secret.” 

Image: Train track in Corbin, Kentucky. Photo by John Biewen

Download a transcript of the episode.

The history of Corbin as presented by the Corbin city government, with no mention of the 1919 racial expulsion.

Elliot Jaspin’s book, Buried in the Bitter Waters: The Hidden History of Racial Cleansings in America

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2 comments on “Episode 39: A Racial Cleansing in America (Seeing White Part 9)

  1. PapaRasta Dec 4, 2017

    Timely podcast

  2. Pete Haskell Dec 17, 2017

    Yes…. interesting story but have you ever asked yourself why does that only white countries need diversity it seems that diversity is code for anti-white

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