S1 E30: Movement Time

January 25, 2017


Facts can be ignored by the powers that be and still ignite a movement. An interview with Tim Tyson, author of the new book, The Blood of Emmett Till. Tyson was the first historian or journalist to interview the former Carolyn Bryant, the woman in whose name Emmett Till was murdered in 1955.

Photo: The open casket at Emmett Till’s funeral in Chicago, September 6, 1955. Photo by Dave Mann, Chicago Sun-Times.

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3 comments on “S1 E30: Movement Time

  1. Teresa Feb 28, 2018

    First learned of this book and Dr. Tyson on Book TV. Dr. Tyson is a very passionate historian and I admired the dedication he demonstrated during his reading.

  2. Michael Aug 30, 2020

    How prophetic. Movement time came 3 1/2 years later after this podcast’s prediction. Movement time came with another Emmitt Till moment with George Floyd.

  3. Judith Pitre Sep 18, 2020

    I belong to a workgroup through my church that is examining how we become an anti-racist congregation. This series will help our planning group to learn more about how white privilege displays historically and what we need to do to introduce changes.

    I am looking forward to participating in the series.