S1 E16: Rogue Chickens and Ratty-Ass Radishes

April 6, 2016


A punk farmer. A tale of rogue chickens on the loose in the city. A pair of refreshing takes on the whole Food thing, in and around Durham, NC. Pieces by Emily Hilliard and Joseph Decosimo.

Photo: George O’Neal at Lil’ Farm in Timberlake, NC. Photo by Emily Hilliard.

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One comment on “S1 E16: Rogue Chickens and Ratty-Ass Radishes

  1. NMSand Apr 8, 2016

    I really enjoyed this episode, perhaps in part because I used to live in Hillsborough but mostly because I appreciate things that are a little rough around the edges more than things that are so smooth everything just slides off the surface. George should give cursing lessons on the side, he’s an inventive and inspiring swearmaster.